A Day of Rest

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Why do we go, go, go as if we are immune to sleep? Our eyelids get heavy, work productivity slows down, we get cranky, and so on, but we keep right on moving as if we can keep sleep from catching us. We act like sleep is our enemy trying to hold us down and force us to enjoy relaxing and rejuvenation! Bodybuilders and trainers build rest periods into intense workouts. They will rest certain muscle groups to let them repair themselves and strengthen. Doctors and other health professionals stress the importance of physical and mental rest, yet we plug away as if the world will stop turning if we step away from whatever we’re doing – nevermind the fact that it’s taking us four times as long to complete due to sheer exhaustion. cartoon running man

Women tend to have a superhero attitude. We can wash piles of dishes, go change pampers, and plan next week’s groceries all while teaching four children three different subjects at the same time. Okay, maybe we can do it, but then what? I know that when I’m “off work,” I’m still looking at toys, thinking of meals for everyone the following week, or moving furniture (which is fun but tiring). I fall asleep at the computer because I feel like I have to get specific things done while everyone is sleeping. While it may be true that I don’t have to keep stopping because I have someone underfoot, I do need to take scheduled breaks so that I can recuperate or fall asleep in the middle of my work (ex. I fell asleep at the end of the sentence right before this one!). I started to expand on the problems of not sleeping properly, such as physical impairment. You know what that’s like. You’re barely able to get a good nap in, let alone sleep, and you end up stumbling, knocking things over, or using things as a guide to help you do what you could normally do had you slept. However, this writer has already expanded on the health issues here, so I wanted to give you that information.

I never truly realized the importance of Bible passages regarding working 6 days and resting on the 7th until my body would give out. I was literally, and sometimes still am, working continuously for weeks at a time. I called myself taking small breaks, but I was just stretching out my work until I physically crashed. Women, we have to stop!

I know it seems selfish to take a break. You look at the house that needs to be cleaned, the husband who has his feet up that needs help with his project for work, you think about the kids that will arrive in 24 hours, and you woke up to the lovely songs that’s been on replay all morning “Mom…mom…mom…MOM…MOM…MOOOOOOOM!!!!” How can you take time off when you don’t have a minute to spare? Simple. You have to make time. Let’s face it. Mother’s Day happens once a year, and many times, we’re still working. Do you really think 1 day out of 365 is enough? Even superheroes sleep and take vacations. God stepped back to admire the work He’d done and set an example for us to set aside a rest day – and God neither sleeps nor slumbers! What makes you believe you don’t need or deserve rest?

water woman on bankLet me help you out. Pull out that foot massager/spa that you received a few years ago, and stick your feet in it. Step away from facebook for several hours. You’re not missing anything you can’t watch on tv yourself. Take a nap at naptime. Go for a walk by yourself. Fix a smoothie. Don’t focus on anything work-related. Cook something that can be used for leftovers on a rest day, or treat yourself to a restaurant. Get creative, but do something that allows you time for a break. Those women that look like they stepped out of a magazine every time you see them don’t get that way by working themselves into the ground! Bumping into walls, tripping over stuff, knocking things over, and looking like sleep decided to step on you isn’t cute! Do your family, friends, and yourself a favor – take a regular day off!


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