Attendance – The Importance of Sign-in Sheets

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Keeping proper attendance records in your business will not only keep you up-to-date on who is in care on a regular basis but also helps you keep track of days and times you worked. Several agencies require attendance records, so depending on what type of care you offer, you will be required to have these on file. For instance, if you register your program with the Department of Social Services for your state to offer subsidized childcare services, you are required to report client attendance so the caseworker can verify that the parent is using daycare as requested. If a client does not attend for a specified amount of time and is not working or going to school, that client might be removed from the program for non-compliance. When it is time to tally hours worked for taxes, having sign-in sheets to show your childcare hours (on-the-clock work hours that don’t include grocery trips, deep cleaning, shopping for toys, etc.) is helpful to calculate your hours and to verify your stated hours in case you need to prove how long you worked. It’s easier to start putting it into practice early on so that it doesn’t become a hassle later.

I prefer to have a sign-in sheet for each child for each month. There are various ways to note this including making use of different software programs. The reason I prefer to have a sign-in sheet for each child in the family is because there are often times children attend for different hours. If you have a preschooler enrolled for full daycare, his sister enrolled for half-day kindergarten care, and their big brother enrolled for after-school care, you will need to specify who is there, on which days, and for how long. Maybe the kindergartener has been getting dropped off later than she should. Maybe the preschooler is out for a day due to sickness. Maybe the after-school child will get picked up from school from an aunt. If there are any unusual circumstances that happen such as a parent needing to find the child (the child may have missed the bus or the parent may have forgotten the aunt would pick up the child), you want to show who is there and when without guessing or having to remember everyone’s location. Your sign-in sheets may need to be your legal proof of when children enter and leave your care should a situation elevate to authority investigation. We always hope it doesn’t happen, but it’s best to be covered just in case.

Additionally, it allows you to tell if a parent stays within your agreed schedule.

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