ChildCare Programs

Several programs are offered. They are categorized into one of two groups: childcare and activity groups. This is done as it is easier for some parents to think in terms of what is happening while their child is attending a facility.


ChildCare Groups

Activity Groups

Evening/Overnight Care

Preschool Enrichment

Weekend Care

Before/After School

Extended/TDY Care

Summer/Winter/Spring Break Camp


Before & After School Program:

This program was born from a year I was in care many years ago. One of the grandmothers in the neighborhood would give a Bible lesson one or two days after school before we began our homework. I so appreciated that woman that I wanted to continue lessons taught to me during my time. Children will have a snack and learn about the Bible, be offered time to work on homework,  and will be exposed to different activities to add to what they learn in school while being in an environment geared to their age group.

Summer Camp:

Who doesn’t like summer camp?!  Summer camp is a combination of 3 favorites: Vacation Bible School, an active summer, and periodic educational review to try to minimize “summer slumber.” We are very active during the summertime because there’s just so much to do! This camp is focused on school-age interests. We will visit different cities to go to the movies, theater, nature walks, see animals, watch performers, visit museums, climb, jump, run, and play (activities such as a symphony performance depend on the time the child is in attendance). We will also go to the library to check out books, review material, and go over educational lessons to keep our minds active. We will look to find ways to apply things we learn to our lives. We may also join with another activity group or a daycare to meet friends and attend Vacation Bible School. We want to try to get at least one activity that interests each child and introduce at least one new thing to each child.

Preschool Enrichment:

This group is designed for potty-trained children age 3 – 5. Two-year-old children will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Having one age group will allow time to focus on primary skills, developmentally appropriate activities, and things that most interest preschool children. The environment is home-like with learning activities to allow children a place to feel comfortable enough to attempt new things. Children will receive some Bible lessons, review/learn colors, shapes, etc., will learn about how things we discuss relate to their lives, and take occasional field trips. Currently, this program runs 9am – 12pm. A snack will be provided. It runs along the same schedule as the public school system. An afternoon group may be formed in the future depending on the need.

Evening/Overnight Care:

Evening care is care that extends past 6pm. During the weekday, evening/overnight is available between 6pm – 7am. If your schedule rotates/shifts or you have a work shift that lasts 10 – 12 hours, contact the caregiver for availability and rates.

Early Bird Care:

This is any care needed before 7am for Before/After school children.

Night Owl Care:

This is any care needed past 6pm for Before/After school children.

Extended Care/TDY

We realize that life sometimes requires us to work extended periods of time away from home. If your schedule calls for trips out of the area for days at a time (ex. seminars, work training, out to sea), contact us to discuss your specific situation to see if we can work out an arrangement with you.

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