Please, Keep Your Sick Child at Home

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Speaking as both a parent and home childcare provider, I would like to point out the reasons you need to keep your sick child at home (unless you are attending a facility that caters to ill children).

–          I operate a well-child facility.  I do not have the space, man-power, or medical training to isolate your child in a hospital-like environment away from other children to monitor and care for them while maintaining our schedule for my other children.

–          Germs spread.  Children are not very good at keeping their germs to themselves.  They touch, put things in their mouths, cough, and sneeze.  In case you haven’t tried recently, it’s hard to keep a mask on a toddler or infant.

–          You want other parents to keep their sick children home so yours doesn’t catch anything. Show them the same courtesy.

–          Children generally recover faster when they get one-on-one attention from a family member over being dragged around and trying to participate in regular activities. Sometimes they overexert themselves acting as if nothing is wrong, or they feel worse because they see other children doing what they don’t have the energy to do.

–          Bringing ill children to care increases the risk of your caregiver becoming ill which may cause you to have to find alternate care for her sick days or permanent care for violating her illness policy.

Some parents have thought I was too strict with my policies, but informing parents they needed to tend to their children or seek medical help has caught illnesses like walking bronchitis before becoming even more serious. I don’t play when it comes to sick children. They depend on us for their safety and well-being.

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