A New ‘Do! Rearranging Your Daycare Setup

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You know how it feels to leave the house with a new hairstyle or a great new outfit. You feel refreshed, energized, invigorated, and ready to take on new challenges – even if you’re not leaving the block. You smile at yourself in the mirror and are flattered when people take notice and compliment you. It’s like you’ve got just a bit more pep in your step. Sometimes, you need to remix the way you get a new ‘do to get that same rejuvenated feeling in work.

Sure, you enjoy working with your families, and things are rolling along smoothly, but something just feels…off this season. You look around and realize everything’s been sanitized, toys are in place, linen is washed, and you’re not having any difficulties with any clients. Yet you can’t shake the feeling that something isn’t quite right at this moment. Now you feel a little heavy because it’s weighing on you. You’re restless. This is a perfect time to move furniture.

You’re probably looking at that 6-foot-high entertainment center and heavy couch and wondering if I’ve lost my mind. You planned out your daycare perfectly. The shelves are in line with built-in cabinets…although the couch might look good against the other wall now that I mentioned it…LOL! Don’t worry. If you can push it out, you can usually push it back. I moved the entire daycare around today. In fact, I moved the furniture into different rooms. Of course, the kids are used to me rearranging so much that I have to remember that they sometimes imitate me when they start pushing the shelves, kitchen, and chairs. I rearranged one setup about a dozen times in the space of 18 months!

You’re probably wondering why I’d rearrange so much. Well, there are a few reasons:

  1. I get bored.
  2.   It brings newness to the daycare and gets the children’s interest and attention.
  3. It lets parents know that I am concerned about every aspect of my childcare including its setup.
  4. I find things that got stuck behind heavy/hard to reach furniture, and I can clean that area better once the furniture is in the middle of the room.
  5. It makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something major while exercising.
  6. I adjust settings depending on who is enrolled at the current time and their developmental stage. For instance, I might open up a room to encourage a child to crawl or make sections to cut down on running.
  7. I adjust for seasons. During the winter, I may use the couch to block off part of the porch door to cut down on draft and move it during warmer months so more sunlight can shine through.
  8. My mom and mother-in-law would change house decorations and move furniture regularly, so I was influenced by them.
  9. AND…it just amuses me. I like to see the looks on people’s faces when they see new setups.

I haven’t moved signs and posters on my wall yet, so I have no pictures to show. I will say that I feel wonderful and really like the new setup. Maybe a little change in scenery will give you a “pick me up,” too!

Until next time!

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